About Us

Facts & Figures

Circle K is owned by Alimentation Couche Tard, a Canadian-listed convenience store retailer with over 60,000 employees and US$ 30 billion in revenues in 2012. Alimentation Couche Tard operates a number of convenience store brands including Circle K, Couche Tard, Macs, On-The-Run, and the recently acquired Stat Oil. Currently one of the world's largest convenience retailers, Couche Tard has a network of about 13,000 stores globally. Circle K is a pioneer in new markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam, where it is transforming the market from traditional groceries into modern convenience stores. Convenience Arabia is bringing Circle K to the region with the aim to upgrade the traditional grocery store sector and to provide consumers the ultimate experience in convenience store shopping.


The Convenience Arabia LLC strategy builds on our long term mission and places a strong focus on growing our customers satisfaction.

To set up our strategic objectives under three uncompromising leitmotivs :

  • Performing our network
  • Developing our strong relation with our clients, partners and shareholders
  • Expending our network within ME.